I’m done with Naija.

I know there is probably nothing I will say in this article that is new to anyone reading it, and if something is new to you, then I don’t know for you.

Join me…

Regardless, this rant must proceed.

Nigeria is, literally, one of the hardest places to live in on this planet. My God, this country is so fucking ridiculous. See, I am no longer a patriotic citizen. Ahn, I’m done. Kilode?

Cost of living is high, there is no light, no fuel to even give yourself light. And that is only the beginning. Living in Lagos – the oh-so-famous commercial hub of Nigeria – makes the whole situation seem ten times worse. There is no fuel, but there are traffic jams caused by people queuing for fuel all over the city. When you do manage to get fuel in your car, the useless roads will ruin the vehicle for you, then you have to spend money you don’t have to repair it. If you manage to save up some money and buy some foodstuffs, make soup and keep in the freezer (because that’s what people that have sense do – jk), then there will be no light, so you will have to buy a generator and run it frequently – after which, at some point, it will develop problems – so you will have to spend yet more money (which you don’t have by the way), to maintain this much-needed muthafucker that you really can’t do without. All this wan never join light bill, water bill, LAWMA bill (if you live in Lagos), and so on o!



Well, not all of this applies to anyone above the upper middle-class section of the Nigerian society (which is a very minuscule minority, we all know this), but you just have to wonder how everything in this country can be so fucking shitty. It’s crazy, you guys. How can a 50-something-year old country, that is the largest producer of oil in the whole of Africa and fourth in the world, not have a single fully functional refinery? HOOOOW??!! I mean, this thing is just generally common sense.

Check out this shit: We produce this oil, sell at a cheap price – because it’s a raw material plus global oil prices – then import at a more expensive price than we sold it (because, finished product), which essentially means the amount of oil Nigeria produces (asper largest producer in Africa) does mean shit on the long run.

The Nigerian oil situation in one picture.

If not that Buhari enforced the TSA account law, (yes, he didn’t come up with the law, it was passed while Jona was there) we would still been making a huge loss just through banking practices alone. I could go on and on about all of the crap that is wrong with Nigeria.

Sometimes, you just look up to the sky and be like,”What happuuuunnn??” It’s ridiculous. People are tired but there aren’t many options either. So we just sit and wallow in this seemingly endless black hole eating away at the very fabric of who we are as Nigerians. Everybody no longer care for anybody but themselves. The country is broken on the national level and it is even more broken on the individual level. All that is left of this once ‘great country’ is a reminder of a past that no longer is, a present that shouldn’t be, and a future that’ll probably never be.

I am a very tired Nigerian youth, frustrated at the havoc of corruption, the dismantling of collective will, and disheartened for the ever-dimming light of hope – which is a problem, by the way. We as a people have to muthafucking rise from this shit. Our parents did their bit and we are where we are. When will we get to do our bit? Why aren’t we already doing our bit? These people have designed their laws to serve them and their purpose – and this leaves us at a very unfortunate disadvantage. Sigh.

When you realize that Nigeria is indeed, a clusterfuck.

I don’t think I may be making much sense right now. Hell, I probably don’t even know anything about collective spirit and  petroleum marketing but I just feel like things shouldn’t be the way they are. Does that make sense? Growing up and living and existing and all that shouldn’t be this hard! We need to re-calibrate our thought processes and focus on what we really want for our country. Yes, you may have money but in some shape, manner or form, this country will fuck you up at some point. And that is when you will remember this article from a struggle writer talking straight dust and … Lol, jk, I am dope af.

Anyway, I think I have run out of shit to say today. So follow me on Twitter @KvngEff, tweet a topic you would want an article on and I’ll get right on it. Till later, remember that your happiness above all else.

Peez Out.


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